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tv   [untitled]    January 26, 2014 8:00am-8:31am EST

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the. ukrainian leaderships concessions are followed by fresh violence as rioters and king of ignore the agreement with the opposition to clear the streets. while western ukraine is rocked by more protest as local administration buildings are stormed or taken over by crowds and over a dozen regional centers. also this week face to face for the first on the syrian government and the rabbitohs agreed to discuss humanitarian aid at peace talks in switzerland so far avoiding the toughest issues. not going to thing that will mean stand have to leave and we have to find peace in life we can't give up. amid the bombs and bullets in syria itself we visit a maternity unit there to find out how mothers and doctors battle through the
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horrors of the war. dozens are killed in street violence and wave of deadly bombings in egypt as a polarized nation reaches the third anniversary of its revolution meanwhile the interim leader says the country's next step will be a presidential election. you're watching national coming to you live from moscow marina josh welcome to the program or ukraine security forces say two policemen were injured last night after angry crowds stormed kenya's convention center with about two hundred officers inside they were later allowed to leave and the siege came despite the president's offer to change the constitution and give the prime minister's job to one of the opposition leaders but that wasn't enough and they are demanding further
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concessions espied all over now reports. the opposition said they couldn't accept those concessions but they were willing to negotiate further they put forward what they wanted in speeches from the main stage in independence square here just behind me they want to continue negotiations they want elections this year they want a new government and a total amnesty without any conditions for anybody who has being detained and fatality klitschko speaking from the stage just behind me said there's no way would anybody be clearing the streets right now he said that they'd come here they would stay here until they finish what they started well after those speeches that set off a large crowd of people marching towards conference center a large group of right as they see that building thank you there was molotov cocktails being thrown bricks thrown into windows even burning tires and.
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and fireworks hold in there as right as trying to get into that building and towards a group of police who were stationed there. thinking. a standoff lasting a little while we saw the ministry give the orders to their riot police to to pull out of that building now also one of the opposition leaders former heavyweight champion vitaly klitschko was on the scene as well trying to negotiate a deal that would allow those right police to leave that building safely what we're seeing here in kiev right now is a large group of people surrounding a conference hall just over to my left from where i am here on independence square basically a standoff still going on the opposition saying that they're willing to negotiate but they have knocked back those concessions they were put forward by the government. these pictures show the weapons allegedly used by hardline protesters
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in kiev assault rifles pistols and hundreds of rounds of live ammunition were seized by police they arrested an armed gang thought to be involved in the violent clashes in ukraine's capital authorities claim it was supplying arms to rioters police say three security personnel were attacked by radical protesters earlier this week one of them was wounded two others taken hostages allegedly tortured and later released all three are now being treated in hospital about to they too will cheerfully head and bound my arms and legs with tape and tape that my eyes when you . hear these were attacked by a group of masked very youngsters they surrounded us cream and the cops terrorists hands up that are they take everything from us our wallets ourselves phones everything. when them through we had done nothing to them we were just coming out of a cafe after lunch with the mob surrounded. now the actions of riot police in this
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turbulent week sparked much concern we asked our retired commander from the los angeles sheriff's department what he thinks about their tactics and how american security forces would have handled a similar situation from what i've seen on the video so although showing a lot more restraint then i think you could expect in most places nine states the use of the ball of octane olds the throwing rocks and bottles and striking him with all those would all be considered lethal force in the united states piers you know that's a lethal situation in the united states you could very quickly be shot with lethal force with all the parts of all of us the dragging of the police officer and the quote we can while you can now could very easily result in some type of we will force a police officer. not an arrest has been spreading from the capital to other cities across ukraine targeting regional centers these pictures are from the city of turning up where a crowd of around two thousand stormed the local administration building similar
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events are happening across half of the country with local governments either being stormed or have already been taken over by protesters and as the authorities lose control western governments are urging them to secure democracy and it looks at how the unrest is unfolding. those people in the streets of ukraine by seizing temperatures are writing the new go to for europe. ever since the first rocks and molotov cocktails were hurled at the police in kiev march sunday if issues in europe and the united states have started up fresh wave of accusations aimed at the actions of the authorities against what they called peaceful protesters you have all been for know that you know some of the we expect from the ukrainian government then these should democratic freedom in particular the opportunity for peaceful demonstrations they protect life and that the use of violence does not take place. but people beating police on the ground from body
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aligns with explosive project tiles and even taking them hostage can hardly be classified as peaceful even pictures of rioters carrying far arms are surfacing i'm quite skeptical that these riots will be. dealt with effectively in the near future that they will continue for some time that a nation of. neo nazi. but it isn't a bit of a so-called right sector group we began zend a neo nazi and the right is from all sides east and west and also the political spectrum therefore i don't think that everyone will fall all. of positionally interest of what a peaceful resolution of these of these qualities linked to some of these deals held down from the violence and they will continue for some time over the past two months there you know my done has changed in form and meaning what started as
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a peaceful protest broadcast has turned into a display of violence on both sides it has now grown in size to with almost half of the country's regional administration stake in over spawning serious concerns the country could fall apart any sort of splits in the area. could happen within. next weeks must be described as quite possible because government wouldn't have enough forces so ukraine will be probably in two parts. we have two different causes the opposition is still working horns with those in power trying to get a better deal with the president but the protesters storming a police base and doing the people who are acting as their leaders suggest they no longer want to listen to anyone and care little about eighty agreed truth. reporting from key if. while ukraine's capital and western regions iraq by anti-government riots the east of the country remain supportive of the current
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leadership people there are getting increasingly worried by the end rest fearing down the protestors could be pulling ukraine and the wrong direction as policy or has been finding out. the industrial heart of the ukraine is a place where the majority has been silent until now the violent pictures from kiev are sparing people here into action but not in support of the anti-government riot has no but i watch the bus not the other i cannot see that when there are such things happening in ukraine the protests in kiev horrible we are brothers we are all ukrainians in the east and south of the country support for president gen a cough which is high while tolerance for whiting is low these demonstrators blame opposition parties for using hot headed students to destabilize the country years young people are like zombies they get information from the internet and this information is only one side the usa in the west are paying for this information to be put out. gregory green is
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a correspondent with the local newspaper he wants order and for as long as the government provides it he says he'll supporters will open up much or the message of the protesters regularly changes or their main idea in the beginning was to join the european union the next week and it was political change and they wanted the president to go now i think even the protesters cannot say why they are demonstrating unlike the demonstrators in kiev most of the more than four million people who live in the country's most populous region don't believe ukraine's future lies in europe losing off. russian market is of course the order in this region so that is the main reason why. people. don't. want to injure any. european association patisseries complained the kids rioters on wasting time on the streets while it's the country's east that keeps the economy alive and if you crane was to join europe now its factories would be tuned into
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scrap people here in a vision a different future to the antigovernment protests what they want is a quick into the demonstration and a deal to join the russian customs union this they say will give them the stability and security that the key of protests are threatening to unravel policia r.t. donates ukraine ukraine is the fans ministry has rolled out deploying the armed forces against the protesters and you can get more details on that or to dot com as well as following our minute by minute updates of what's happening in the country. i would take to such a slow snow in just a few minutes for some peak practice. he made it down the slope and i'm still in tags no bones broken and i can tell you this it is absolutely magical yeah. we
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santa bomb would say to sample the olympic highlife and that's coming up here on r t international. wealthy british style it's time to break the tires. for the. markets why not. find out what's really happening to the global economy cause a report on our. dramas
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the truth be ignored. stories others refuse to notice. faces change the world writes no. food picture of today's lives no longer just from around the globe. looking. welcome back this is r.t. international syrian government officials and their main political rivals have agreed to discuss getting humanitarian aid to the besieged city of homes the opposing sides set down together for the first time on saturday at the geneva two conference where the talks mediated by international envoy lakhdar brahimi but the toughest discussions at the summit are still ahead as we go to school now reports they face one another lets talk to one another
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a format simply impossible to imagine even at the beginning of the week just twenty four hours before the start of the conference the opposition couldn't decide whether to go to switzerland or not and when they finally did arrive i think that is the problem and i said i don't think the problem old any solution without us of going from our stepping down it became clear both sides had a completely different understanding of the talks goals the rebels pressed for assad to step down officials seem to be ready to talk about almost anything except the president's future but at least outside players agreed this is strictly up to the syrians to decide. the syrians said themselves had the primary responsibility team to end the country determine their particular system and future and start repeating their country but one world powers left and direct talks were supposed to begin the opposition refused to sit down at the same table with the other side we came here to talk and they are not ready finally when it seemed the negotiations
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were completed way but special envoy to syria lakhdar brahimi announced he did manage to get both sides to meet and so they finally did they go shooting through him with still in the same room and face to face prisoners and kidnappings humanitarian aid and localized cease fires were the first issues on the table with more pressing topics awaiting discussion despite all the emotions accusations and preconditions were heard this week these talks are the first real chance for a diplomatic solution in syria and after nearly three years of bloodshed and ongoing violence it will be a bumpy road and there is a long way to go but the first steps in the right direction have definitely been made you go it's going to forty geneva switzerland while the diplomats try and thrash out their differences in geneva syria itself is still succumbing to ave more lives being lost by the hour but even amid their rapid pace of killing there is hope for some as marie finishing reports from damascus. even in this dangerously
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divided country one place the differences don't matter is this children's hospital in damascus. a tiny relative of a government minister chose a room here whose babies belong to fighters of the free syrian army. who have patients from all over syria including areas how to buy the rebels because this is the only hospital of its kind in the country where babies born think can be treated and we treat them all the same they are all syrian children after all we all belong to one country and have to learn how to live together again. in three years of conflict neither men or women or children were spared according to the un more than one hundred thousand people have died all in fact the number is so high they've officially stopped counting. the anger and pain on both sides can't be
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measured. but still it's peace that people want more than giving an idea who is married to a syrian government soldier has just fallen pregnant and the tough lives this is a beacon of hope this kidman salata me my husband it's a connection between us while we are away from each other which is often for me this baby means life itself i live through this baby. comes one and a half year old daughter was born during the fear is to attack damascus has ever seen. she says her fight has nothing to do with her. event want to thing that war means there and we have to leave and we have to fight for peace and life we can't give up now. it's a side of war that not many think about in the midst of violence and devastation babies are still be borne in their thousands of new parents who run away from atrocities in their hometowns often end up in camps which like the basics of
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sanitation is security. but was death all around their chosen life rafe notion r t from damascus. now russia how the geneva two conference come about now moscow is keeping a close eye on it holding together. minister sergey lavrov says he's seen no bickering between the rival syrian factions but does stress that diplomatic efforts are not progressing fast you know more details from geneva two on our website. also want to keep calm as millions of cash strapped americans struggle to recover from recession one banking giant is giving its c.e.o. a whopping reward and we tell you all about it online. it's interim leader says he is ready to hold an early presidential election as a step towards forming a democratically elected government the vote is expected to take place by mid april president announcement follows days of violence across egypt this comes after forty
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nine people were killed in street clashes on the third anniversary of the two thousand and eleven uprising security forces used tear gas to disperse and to government protesters in several areas of cairo while on tougher your square thousands rally in support of the military also this week a wave of deadly bombings shook the capital claiming six lives inspired militants claimed responsibility but the authorities are placing the blame on the muslim brotherhood the attacks highlighted the threat and islamised insurgency taking root in egypt journalist mohannad sabri says both the muslim brotherhood and the army are to blame for the situation what's happening is we have we have a major grounds for the pro-government rip through regime media inciting violence against anyone who is not in doing so because it's easy we have the muslim brotherhood who are definitely guilty for a lot of things that you have done or not to have done to their your empowered keep
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talking of conspiracy theories they keep blaming the government for staging those bombings in the it's the portman's which is absolutely none since but of the same time the opposite the opposites. which is the regime and the regime loyalists in the protrusion media where protesters are not peaceful themselves or as hostile as the muslim brotherhood is what we should be stopped now what the government should be working tirelessly to stop inciting violence you know why didn't those gaps between sectors of the community and moving the country forward towards a phase of civil strife and a look now at some other stories from around the world one of the main leaders of thailand's anti-government protests has been shot dad he was reportedly gunned down while addressing a crowd and died later in hospital the violence comes as demonstrators try to disrupt next general election it's more in polling stations early on sunday to begin to advance voting from take. street riots swept through brazil's
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largest city some power with a mob smashing store windows and setting lines to cars the unrest began as a peaceful protest against the billboard world cup which the country will be hosting the stomach opponents a vast amount of public money have been wasted on the events leading public services underfunded meanwhile similar protests were held in me to brasilia resulting in hundreds of arrests. suicide bomber has blown himself up near a bus carrying soldiers in the afghan capital killing at least four people the town of months as a care down the attack the victims including one civilian woman twenty two other people were wounded the taliban has stepped up its campaign ahead of the pullout of nato combat troops at the end of the year. the snow must go on and it seems the subtropical black sea coast is up to the task of providing support for the winter olympics of course you won't spot and flurries in sochi itself but up in the nearby mountains there's plenty esteban which has been
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finding out. if like me you enjoy a little bit of extreme sports then hang onto your helmets for the best skiing track in the black sea resort snowboarding and freeze diving competitions at this twenty fourteen olympic winter games will be held to the was on the rose a fucked up october also known as the hot extreme was. just seven years ago this regime but also fluttered was on top of day it's quite a different scene designed and build by french experts it's now a picture place cocks the nobel prize style hotels and chalets out of
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a five thousand feet it's one of the highest lifts of mountains in the world the mountain towers over provides axes. and professionals in the alpine and freestyle as well as snowboarding as for those going for winter gold a difficult terrain is available. i wasn't going to be left behind so i hired some speed headed up the. drive so way not all the hot tub and i'm definitely going to be tough and also slow for. the rain has been faced by professionals he is he's been testing the slopes over the last year and for those still worried about the whether there's enough of it all
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the knives have promised. having a monster ice machine on standby. ok so we've made it down the slopes and i'm still intact no bones broken and i can tell you this it is absolutely magical out here in the mountains are why i kept it in the snow it's just absolutely beautiful and i think i might of all must also a new sports i might take up seeing next time so indeed for everyone who's coming out here to the new ski resort and all points result of the black sea is going to be one you'll always remember for now i'm going to sign up get some hot chocolate to look they on the ski slopes of rather hotter fartsy well let us be your guide to the games as we get you familiar with the venues which
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will make or break the olympic dreams of the world's premier athletes and you can check out our coverage online and here on r.t. in these to come. here you ok. how do you operate until i'm beginning to smile i'm going to impose good sports and such experts to. proof a road i'm not an olympic hockey player bomb much days on the bush plan to meet. my son. and next a look at how doctors help cover up the torture of detainees at u.s. military prisons.
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in the future. is hit so we hit the road to focus on new technology. on this small show no parties complete with old school shootings. and we learn about the next in the suv evolution this is the potential to save lives. knowing the update. we've got the future covered.
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well it's. a pleasure to have you with us today. the abu ghraib pictures raise the question where were the doctors while this was going on either they directly witness they've given us or they witnessed the consequences of it why hadn't they protested.
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here the doctors were complicit they were the centerpiece of the torture they were enablers they were facilitators they will authorize years. from apocrypha these to now the standard for the healing professions has been simple that obligation is first and foremost to the patients interest while being torture shatters that cover. how have american physicians and psychologists come to sanction and implement torture in our military prisons and why haven't they been held accountable for their actions. on.
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tonight we are a country awakened to danger. and called to defend freedom whether we bring our enemies to justice or bring justice to your enemies. justice will be done. in less than three weeks later u.s. forces invaded afghanistan in retaliation to the september eleventh terrorist attacks on the united states. in a radical new policy the bush administration declared afghan prisoners enemy combatants
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no longer protected by the geneva convention. before nine eleven prisoners of war were interrogated according to the army field manual that followed the geneva convention. the new interrogation methods involve torture. we have no alternative but to meet the enemy worried ways we must and we will. use every means at our disposal to ensure the freedom and security of the american people. the experience of american p.o.w.'s in korea led the united states to develop a program to train soldiers how to survive torture if captured. the program was called seer. two psychologists contracted by the cia were among the first to introduce a.


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